What to Expect

Going to a new church for the first time can be intimidating.

You wonder:

  • Am I really welcome?
  • Will the people be friendly …or too friendly?
  • Will I stand out lke a sore thumb?
  • Will my kids enjoy it?
  • What should I wear?
  • Am I welcome if I don’t believe?

We want to make your visit an ENJOYABLE experience. Join us now for a virtual tour of our facilities and meet some of our people here at the church.  Don’t worry if you don’t know exactly what to do when you arrive, we strive to make you feel at home with us at Hope Church



As you walk through the doors at Hope, you will be welcomed.  The greeters will help you find what you need. If you are planning to join us for Worship the greeters will direct you to the Sanctuary. If you, your family members or friends are planning to attend Sunday School or want to use the Nursery facilities, the greeters can help you out! They will even direct you to the drinking fountains, restrooms, coffee or the Information Wall.



If you have kids, our greeters can point you toward our nursery and children’s ministry area (Christian Life Building). Junior and Senior High students are also welcome to attend their own gathering in the student rooms (Christian Life Building) for the 9 AM service.. If your kids aren’t so sure about going some place “new”, they’re absolutely welcome to stay with you in the sanctuary. Should your young ones get fussy, there’s a “cry room” in the back of the sanctuary with a window so you can still be a part of the service and not worry about disturbing others. Our Children have their own Church School classes during the 9 AM Service. During the 10:30 AM Service the children participate for a portion of the main service. We include our children up to 5th grade in the opening singing, a morning prayer, and a children’s message and then they go to the Children’s Worship experience. This gives our children up to 5th grade an opportunity to experience the nurture and spiritual formation that comes with worshiping with the congregation but also to have a message and activities focused at an age appropriate level in Children’s Worship.


 As you come into worship, you will experience a time of singing as we celebrate what God has done for each of us.  People are encouraged to worship in a way that is comfortable to them.  You may sit or stand during the singing, sing out loud or quietly meditate on the lyrics.  Prayer is an essential part of our services and will be mixed in throughout our time together.  We believe that the Bible is God’s holy inspired Word so you will hear an inspirational message from the Word each Sunday morning.  The Lord’s Supper is observed on the first Sunday of each month. 



After the service, you can pick up your children from their classrooms if needed, pray with one of our prayer servants or speak to the Pastor. Everyone is invited to stay for a few minutes, meet some people, enjoy a cup of coffee and homemade cookies in the fireside room. Church is about God and worship, but it’s also about community and friendship.