Adult Ministries


Weekly Groups to encourage you!

Adult Sunday School 
Sundays at 9:00 am
An Enduring Legacy of Faith 
Have you ever considered what your legacy will be? While we certainly hope that our children know they are loved,
leaving a legacy is more than an assurance of affection, genetics and common traits. If you are a Christian, your
legacy includes passing on a knowledge of the true God, planting the seed of faith in the hearts of future generations, showing the way to eternal life and teaching our children how to live holy righteous lives. It is a legacy of faith and an inheritance of the promises of God,
extending beyond the limitations of our mortality and enduring forever.
In this class you will learn practical ways to communicate what it means to have faith and to live in a way that honors God. Passing on our faith can be daunting when
we consider our own shortfalls, but using examples throughout scripture, we will see how God works through imperfect people and circumstances when we believe and
trust God. What an awesome inheritance we will leave our children and future generations when, starting today, we
plant a seed of faith in our home, family, and community.
Adult Sunday School 
Sundays at 9:00 am
Following Jesus: The Essentials of Christian Discipleship
Following Jesus focuses attention on the basics of Christian discipleship and covers the following vitally important themes: Faith, the Bible, the Church, Prayer, the Holy Spirit, Holiness, Growth in Grace, Guidance, Loving Others, Parenting, Evangelism, Work, Stewardship, Suffering and Perseverance.
The chapters have been written to help new followers of Jesus lay solid foundations for a healthy and rich Christian life. They also provide a refresher course in what it means to be a disciple for those who have been following Jesus for many years.

Those attending are STRONGLY encouraged to purchase the book before January 12th and read the the first two chapters. You can purchase the book on, or order through Mardel Christian bookstore. Cost is about $15.

Wednesday Night Small Group
Join others to dig deeper into the Word each Wednesday night. Small group lead by Pastor Greg. 
Wednesdays at 6:30 pm
Thursday Morning Bible Study Group for Women
Beginning January 12th the theme for the spring study is the  SERMON ON THE
MOUNT. All women invited to join!
Breakfast provided. (9:30 – 11:30 am)

Weekend Groups to encourage you!

Monthly Men’s Group 
3rd Saturday @ 9:00 am
Hope Church
The new study for January is A Healing Body
Our world is full of hurting people who struggle with a range of emotional issues, such as anxiety, loneliness, and depression. We also contend with relational struggles, professional disappointments, and identity issues. Often people have been struggling with those problems for years.
In “A Healing Body”, psychologist Dr. Henry Cloud teaches
that there are biblical solutions to help work through these
issues and find healing on the other side. Scriptural
principles of grace, forgiveness, and sound wisdom
promote wholeness, giving struggling individuals hope for
Clear Lake North 
1st & 3rd Sunday Nights
Home Group
This group meets for study once a month and fellowship once a month. Most of the members are retired and enjoy the company of others. Call the church office for more information. This group is led by Bill & Irene Shaver