Music Ministry

The Music Ministry Team provides exciting and meaningful music each Sunday morning at Hope Church. Vocalists, Guitarists, Drummers, Horn Players, Audio Techs and Computer Operators are invited to participate in one or more of our groups to enhance the weekly Worship Service.
If you are gifted in the arts, please consider how God can use your talents to glorify Him and encourage the body of believers at Hope Church. You may contact our music director, Anita Hughes, via or call the church office at 281-488-0900.

 Praise Team

The Praise Team under the direction of the Music Director puts together music for Sunday morning worship. There are currently four different teams and each team serves one Sunday a month. In order to serve on the Praise Team Ministry, you must have a servant’s heart, be able to sing or play in a group setting, be a member of Hope Church and able to attend rehearsals and monthly Community Groups.

 Extended Praise Band

The eXtended Praise Band (XPB) is made up of talented individuals who play brass or woodwind instruments. The XPB accompanies the Praise Team Ministry and the congregational singing throughout the year.

 Audio Visual Team

Audio Sound Engineers, Computer Operators, Streaming Producers and Recorders are needed to serve Hope Church on the technical side of music in the Praise Team Ministry.
If you are interested in any of these music areas of the Music Ministry please contact our music director, Anita Hughes by email at or call (281) 488-0900.